Bob* settled his historical child sexual abuse compensation claim against The Commonwealth and the State of WA for the horrific sexual abuse that he suffered at the Fairbridge Farm School. As a 10-year-old orphan, Bob was brought from the UK to Fairbridge Farm under the 1950s Child Migrant Policy, he was informed that lollies grew on trees in Australia. At the school, he experienced horrific sexual and physical abuse.

Bob received a monetary outcome greater than the National Redress Scheme Cap and written apologies acknowledging the errors made in failing to take care of him.

Now well into his 80s, Bob can experience some level of closure and attempt to move on in the latter part of his life with the settlement.

Bob’s courage, grace and determination as part of this process has been incredible, and it’s been an absolute pleasure for the team to represent him. We are also grateful for the assistance provided by James Masur as Bob’s barrister in securing justice in this complex claim.

You can read more about the horrors at the Fairbridge Farm via the West Australian.

More information on this service is in the article covering FAQs on the process, if you have more questions contact us to connect with one of our senior lawyers.


*To protect their identity, the claimant’s real name has not been used

Photo of Fairbridge Church by: Gordon Stuart ( CC BY 3.0)

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