MEJ is helping to make a difference in the ACT community by supporting local charities selected by our staff at our regular morning teas. 

Over the past three months, we are thrilled to have lent our support to the following organisations:  

Ricky Stuart Foundation  

The Ricky Stuart Foundation is committed to creating an inclusive and accepting Australia for people with Autism. 

The Foundation was chosen by MEJ team member Isabella, who nominated it “because I strongly admire what they’re trying to achieve in advocating for the autistic community. Everyone deserves to be treated equally and by promoting inclusion, support and awareness, the foundation takes important steps to achieve this, which is why I believe their mission to be such a worthwhile one.”   

You can learn more about the Ricky Stuart Foundation on their website. 

Worldview Foundation 

The Worldview Foundation creates new futures for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people by breaking down barriers to employment and providing them life management programs and jobs and through their group of social enterprises.  

You can support the Worldview Foundation through their website.   

Canberra Pet Rescue 

Canberra Pet Rescue aims to ensure that every animal is given the chance to find a happy and loving forever home. Apart from donations they also seek volunteers, adopters to give their pets a good home, and an online shop of canine and kitten themed crafts for further fund raising.    

You can learn more about Canberra Pet Rescue on their website. 

ACT Pet Crisis Support  

ACT Pet Crisis Support is dedicated to avoiding economic euthanasia of beloved family pets. They do this by ensuring that all pets in owned by disadvantaged or low-income pet owners in the ACT and region have access to veterinary care. 
This is done by subsidising veterinary care, particularly emergency veterinary care, that a low-income family may not be able to otherwise budget for, hence avoiding euthanasia for the pet.   

Read more on the ACT Pet Crisis Support on their website.

Helping ACT  

Helping ACT provides numerous services and supports other charities across the ACT. Including foodbanks and hampers for the homeless, and a hotline to connect victims of domestic violence with services they need after leaving an abusive partner.    

Helping ACT was chosen by Hassan. “The father of one of my childhood friends started Helping ACT in the hopes of providing a better life for the most vulnerable in our society. He started collecting pantry items in his garage a number of years ago and his charity has now grown to a team of over 50 volunteers!”.  

You can learn more about Helping ACT on their website.

Beyond Blue  

Beyond Blue provides a place for people to access information, advice and support regarding mental health. They build networks and promote awareness of mental health issues and including how to care and maintain ones’ own mental health.   

You can learn more about Beyond Blue on their website. 


We are proud to support these important community organisations that make Canberra the brilliant city it is. We are passionate about playing our part too and will share links to charities we support each month to help spread the word. 

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