The MEJ team are excited to welcome our newest solicitor, Mirna Faraj, who joined the team last month.

Bringing a passion for advocacy and knowledge of personal injury law, Mirna will be working to support people who have experienced workplace injuries, public liability issues and medical negligence.

“I’ve always had a passion for helping people and am excited to work with MEJ to correct injustice and achieve great outcomes for people who have been injured,” Mirna said.

She says for many people, the law can seem complex and challenging which can deter them from seeking help and protecting their rights.

“Don’t forget that our goal as a lawyer is to help you navigate the legal system, ask questions and seek clarity when you are unsure because all questions have merit.”

When not working hard for her clients, you’ll find Mirna baking or exploring trails and hike around the ACT (her favourite is the One Tree Hill Trail starting in Hall).

If you’d like to connect with Mirna, you can contact MEJ online or call 1800 570 778.

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