We wanted to welcome and introduce three new lawyers at MEJ. Corey Tibbs, Thuto Disele and Yusraa Jheengoor have joined the team to work on cases in workplace injury, motor vehicle accidents, institutional abuse, and medical negligence.

We asked them a few questions so you can get to know them:


What inspired you to pursue a career in law?

Corey: A love of debating and problem solving coupled with a desire to assist people facing adversity.

Thuto: You spend a lot of your adult life at work. It’s a privilege to spend that time helping people, and law is an excellent vehicle for that.

Yusraa: I wanted to be an advocate for those who needs help and use my skills to make a difference to their lives.


What is your area of expertise?

Corey: Workers compensation.

Thuto: Medical negligence and institutional abuse.

Yusraa: Public liability.


What would you say to someone nervous about seeking legal advice?

Corey: That it is just that, advice. Often people are worried about all of the consequences and costs of getting involved in the legal process, however it is often useful to simply talk through the issue with someone experienced, who may be able to provide a solution they had never thought of, or to allay their concerns.

Thuto: I think my advice would be to accept that it can be scary to take the first step, but once you’ve spoken up, the legal process is a way to regain autonomy, strength and options when you’ve been hurt or mistreated.

Yusraa: Legal advice is the first step in understanding your options and obtaining help.


What is something you do to unwind?

Corey: My free time is most often filled playing or coaching at my local soccer club.

Thuto: I love going to the gym after work! It gives me a guaranteed way to de-stress.

Yusraa: Quality time with family and streaming movies or TV shows.


What will you be focusing on in 2023 at MEJ?

Corey: To learn from MEJ’s extremely qualified team, and to work closely with clients to support them through the legal process and get the best possible outcome.

Thuto: To expand my knowledge of the law in the area of medical negligence, and to continue consolidating my legal skills.

Yusraa: I want to continue to improve my skills as a solicitor to better assist our clients at MEJ.

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