Each month, the MEJ team meet for morning tea and two staff members are given the chance to nominate an organisation that’s making a positive difference in our community.

Not only does this allow MEJ to continue supporting the organisations that support our community, but makes sure every team member is able to champion their cause of choice.

Camp Quality ACT

Camp Quality allows kids to be kids – even when they or a family member are facing a cancer diagnosis or undergoing treatment. With a holistic approach to wellbeing, Camp Quality has been helping kids aged 0 to 15 for 40 years.

“Camp Quality supported my beautiful son and our family on our long journey to recovery from Leukemia,” says MEJ’s Kath Abbey. “Giving us the opportunity to make happy memories in a not so wonderful time in our lives.”

Find out more about Camp Quality here.

Canteen ACT

Canteen is another stellar organisation supporting young people undergoing cancer treatment, ensuring tweens and teens have the resources they need to continue their lives as normally as possible, understand their new reality and giving them a community that will support them every step of the way.

“Canteen provides support to young people affected by cancer, whether that be their own diagnosis or that of a loved one,” says MEJ team member Emma Le Maitre.

“Cancer affects everyone differently, however, young people can be particularly vulnerable and I believe that organisations such as Canteen provide invaluable contributions and services for those who would otherwise go unsupported.”

Find out more about Canteen here.

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