Each month, MEJ staff select charities to support at our regular morning tea as a way to make a positive difference in the ACT community. This month, we have been excited to connect with two important causes.


Karinya House

Established in 1997, Karinya House provides safety, shelter and a positive support network for women. They are the only service in the ACT to offer 24-hour, seven day a week support specifically for women who are pregnant or parenting, offering case management services which may include residential and/or outreach-based support services.

Ashely chose Karinya House as she admires their ability to step in and help women who are struggling through tough times.

“Karinya House offers advice, care, and a safe space to support women during pregnancy or with new babies,” she said, “as a mum who understands firsthand how hard pregnancy and early motherhood can be at the best of times, I really appreciate and support what Karinya House does.”

Learn more about this important charity by visiting their website.

Parkinson’s ACT

Parkinson’s ACT run a variety of support groups and events for people with Parkinson’s and their careers, helping them connect and stay active.

Svetlana says her father’s diagnosis eight years ago has had a major impact on his life, and the life of their family.

“Parkinson’s has affected the control of his body movements, loss of balance and overall slowed him down,” she said.

“People affected by Parkinsons disease become very vulnerable and need assistance not only from family but also external providers.  There is no real treatment for Parkinson’s disease other than the use of medication that assists with motor function and occupational therapy.”

To find out about Parkinson’s ACT’s latest events or to make a donation, visit their website.

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