Construction Site Accident Compensation

Accidents happen

Construction sites can be, by their nature, dangerous workplaces. Often accidents at these sites could have been prevented if proper safety procedures were followed. Proving this is often a complex process and the collection of evidence quickly is important. Professional help is essential to ensuring you put the best case forward.

Work injury damages claims

It is vital that you contact us as soon as possible to discuss your case. We can simplify the process, explain what is needed and discuss your rights, to ensure you are protected. Accidents on  construction sites are serious matters and it is important to get assistance from a professional lawyer who knows the industry.

 How MEJ Lawyers can help you

If you believe you have a work injury damages claim and need a lawyer in the ACT, get in touch with MEJ Lawyers. You can talk to our team about a no-obligation free consultation by contacting us online or calling (02) 6257 2999.

What to do after a construction site accident

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