It’s not too late to get justice

While money alone cannot erase the harm caused, survivors of historical child abuse (sexual, physical and emotional) can now bring claims against the institutions where the abuse occured.

Coming to terms with emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, regardless of when it happened, can be difficult. For many victims, it is also important to formally receive acknowledgment of the wrongs committed and an apology.

Our promise to those who have suffered abuse is to provide competent, supportive, and discreet legal advice.

If you or someone who is close to you has been a victim of abuse whilst in the care of an institution, you are entitled to and deserve compensation.


The process

We are here to help. and as industry leaders we continue to obtain results and outcomes for our clients, most of whom had not disclosed the unfortunate abuse to anyone prior to engaging our firm.

At MEJ we have the experience to help you through this process with understanding and compassion.

You can chat to our specialists, one-on-one, in our office, at your home, on-line or in an environment where you feel most comfortable. You can also start the process by phoning us on behalf of a family member.


What institutions can have claims brought against them?

Whilst we can’t name every institution we have brought a claim against, claims can generally be categorised as follows:

  • Clergy members and Church Claims
  • School Claims
  • Defence Department Claims
  • Claims against The Commonwealth & State Governments
  • Associations
  • Sporting Organisations.


Does it matter when the abuse happened?

No. We will provide you with advice as to the specific circumstances of your claim.


Does MEJ give advice and support people to make claims through the National Redress Scheme?

Yes we do. Before you accept any offer from the National Redress Scheme, please speak to a lawyer first. Accepting an offer from the National Redress Scheme can negatively impact your proper compensation claim that you may have against the Institution directly, and MEJ can help you make an informed decision.


Does it matter where the abuse happened?

No it does not. Our experienced team deals with claims across the Country.


Does MEJ assist with reporting the abuse to police?

Yes we do. Please speak to us and we can assist you.


I wasn’t abused but I have information relating to someone else’s abuse, can I call MEJ for help?

Yes, we are ready to assist and guide you from the start.

Could I make a claim?

Contact us

“Thank you for your ongoing support. MEJ has certainly helped us reduce the stress through these times and the outcome has been appreciated.”

— Clare