Public Liability

What is public liability?

People and organisations that are responsible for commercial and private premises owe a duty of care for the safety of persons on their property. As they have control of how the property works and is maintained, they need to ensure it is safe for all guests. If something were to happen, the person or organisation may be accountable for the accident. Some of the most common injuries suffered by people are a result of negligence on public and private premises. If this happens, the person affected may be entitled to lodge a claim for compensation.

How you can claim

Public liability claims have very strict time limits for lodgement. You need to act quickly and seek legal advice or your right to claim damages may be lost. It is important to discuss your case with a qualified lawyer who can explain the process and help guide you through the claim from start to finish. This will ensure you have the best chance possible of winning your case.

How MEJ Lawyers can help you

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