Wrongful Death

What is a wrongful death?

Unfortunately, sometimes people die due to the negligence of others. Whether this be on the operating table or due to a fault in a car, this is an opportunity for the family of the deceased to seek compensation, such as lost wages from the deceased, lost companionship, and funeral expenses.

Death as a result of negligence by another party can impact heavily on those left behind, especially if they have relied on the deceased for financial support. We understand the stress that will be involved and we are here to listen to you and help you gently move through the process of seeking your rightful compensation. We can provide you with support, guidance and representation in your claim for wrongful death in these tragic circumstances.

Who may sue and how do I start a claim?

Typically, immediate family usually make a claim for the wrongful death of another family member. However, in some situations, life partners, financial dependents and distant families can also claim. They can make a claim against anyone who caused the deceased’s death due to legal fault. It is important to get in touch with an accident lawyer to discuss how the process works and ensure it is done correctly within the eyes of the law.

How MEJ Lawyers can help you

Do you believe you have a claim for wrongful death and need an accident lawyer in Canberra? Let us help you through this difficult time. Talk to our team of no win no fee lawyers in Canberra about a no-obligation free consultation by calling (02) 6257 2999 or contacting us online.

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