What is an estate dispute?

It is hard when someone close to us dies.

This time can be made even more challenging if you believe you have been treated unfairly or left out when it comes to inheritance and distribution of the deceased’s estate.

As the shape of modern families continues to evolve, disputes over wills and estates are increasingly common. Fortunately, there are laws in place to help you if you believe you have been treated unfairly.

These laws vary from State to State so it’s important to seek specialist expertise in the ACT.

The team at MEJ can guide you through the estate dispute process with sensitivity during this emotional time.


The claim process

Estate claims are complex and highly personal. No two cases are the same and have to be treated individually.

There are a number of reasons to challenge a will. From being left out entirely, through to beneficiaries receiving disproportionate amounts, undue influence on the deceased, breach of trust against an executor and many more.

This is why it is important to seek informed local experts who can help determine the best course of action to secure your rightful inheritance.

Could I make a claim?

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What to do when you want to dispute a will

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    The law and estate disputes varies from state to state so it’s important to seek expert local advise.

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    In the ACT, the spouse, de-facto partners and children of the deceased are eligible to make a claim, but parents, stepchildren and grandchildren may also be entitled.

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    It is natural to feel upset if you are disappointed with the outcome of a will. However, it’s important to distinguish between what feels unfair and what are grounds for a legal case; we can sensitively help you determine this.

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    Call MEJ’s experienced team for a compassionate, free, no obligation consultation.

“We came to you at a pretty stressful period and the guidance and support that you extended to us has been invaluable.”

— Pia and Andrew