James Madden

Special Counsel

James Madden

‘Mr Fix-it’ for over a decade.

James is a problem solver — both in the world of Personal Injury Litigation and Estate Litigation. It’s what he does best and he has a lot of experience doing it.

His ability to distinguish the real issues in a case from the ‘red herrings’ is what makes him a much sought after Canberra lawyer.

He knows that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to litigation. It’s your case — what worked in the last matter may not be the way that your problem needs to be solved. But whatever strategy he arms himself with, his no-nonsense, straight-talking approach cuts straight to the heart of the conflict, getting you the outcome that you deserve in the process (and often without the need for a protracted and expensive trial).

It is this keen eye for strategy that has seen James also have success as a coach in the local Gridiron community. He loves music and is a little obsessive-compulsive about putting together catchy playlists on Spotify.